Schools Closed Until May 1st

Hello NRCS Families! I hope everyone is coping and staying safe indoors during the Covid-19 Pandemic.The recent announcement by the Premier is that schools will be closed until at least May 1st.

Currently, teachers are reaching out to parents of students to see how you are coping through this stressful event, asking about your technology status (Devices and Internet Connection) and letting you know that report cards are forthcoming.

Moving forward, the learning plan for students will be a (1) A combination of online at home learning and (2) For those lacking the necessary tech connection and/or devices, a bi-weekly learning package that will be distributed by the SaltWire Network. SSRCE staff are awaiting details regarding how this will unfold but we are working hard together to be ready for these next steps.

Parents please check out to find out ways to support your child's learning at home.

As soon as we hear further details, teachers will be in touch with families. In the meantime, please take care of one another and stay safe!

NRCS Staff