NRCS Student Pick Up and Drop off Information

Over the next two weeks, our staff will be working to collect student items and empty student lockers. Belongings will be placed in bags and tagged with your student’s name for pick up.
A staff member will meet you at the front lobby door to provide belongings.
Please note:
* Students & Families will pick up at the front entrance..
* Public Health guidelines must be followed at all times.
* Please send only one person per household for pick-up.
* If you have more than one child, you can pick up all belongings during one of the           scheduled times listed.
* If you have items belonging to the school, drop-off will be at the front entrance as           well.
* A staff member will be at this door to accept your items. Items being dropped off           should be clearly marked with your student’s name and homeroom teacher.
* If the scheduled time doesn't work please email me at

The schedule for pick up and drop off is as follows:

Monday, June 8- (9-10 am)-Grade Pre-Primary (McDow/Asprey)

Monday, June 8- (10-12 noon)-Grade Primary/One (Handley/Elsworth)

Monday, June 8- (12-2 pm)-Grade Two (Slade)

Tuesday, June 9- (9-10:30 am)-Grade Three-Four (Naugler)

Tuesday, June 9- (10:30-12 noon)-Grade Five Six (Sweetman)

Tuesday, June 9- (12-2 pm)- Grades Seven-Eight (Breckon-Sims)

Thank you for your cooperation, as always. Please take care and stay safe.