SAC 2020-21

School Advisory Council

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Education is a responsibility shared among teachers, students, parents, support staff , communities, school boards and the Province of Nova Scotia, all of whom have success for every student as their priority. The School Advisory Council (SAC) is one example of a partnership that brings together individuals who share an interest in their school and school board.

Schools in Nova Scotia are focused on improved student achievement and improved school performance. A high level of success in our education system can best be achieved through teamwork in which partners have meaningful involvement in decision making.

School Advisory Councils are volunteer organizations that were established by the Nova Scotia Education Act. The duties of School Advisory Councils are embedded in the Act and as a legislated body, receive their authority under the Act. The specific roles and responsibilities of School Advisory Councils are set out in the Education Act, Sections 20 through 23 inclusive. (See Appendix K for specific references to the Education Act related to SACs).

School Advisory Councils exist in most schools within the province of Nova Scotia. They were established to provide parents, staff, community members, and where appropriate, students, with a voice that will influence school decisions that impact on student learning. School Advisory Councils bring partners together to provide advice to principals and to school boards, in the best interests of students.

2020-21 Members:

Teacher Representative/Secretary: Ashley Corkum

Teacher Representative: Ceili Sims  

Community Representative/Vice Chair: Nadine Hackney

Community Representative:  Dave Broome

Parent Representative: Isabel Hackney

Parent Representative:  Vacant 

Support Staff Representative/Chairperson:  Sheila Ernst

Student Representative: Brooklyn Gavel

Student Represetative: Jasmine Broome

Principal: David O'Quinn