Staff 2019-20

Samantha Turner                  Grade P/1 HR and Core Subjects                

David MacNeill                    Grade 2, 3/4 Math and Science, Music P-6                        

Patrick Wardell                    Gr. 3/4 HR, Grade P-8 PE, 3/4 ELA, SS and Health                   

Mike Sweetman                  Gr. 5/6 HR, Core Subjects, 7/8 Electives                             

Jessie Slade                        Gr.2/3 HR, ELA, Reading Recovery                                         

Ashley Corkum                   Resource/BST/Early Literacy                            

Rebecca Reid                        Grade 7 HR, 7-8 ELA/SS/French       

Amy McDow                       Pre Primary 

Diane Veinot                      Pre-Primary

Ceili Sims                          Grade 8 HR, 7-8, Math, Science, Health and Grade 3-4 Math Support           

Ann  Lambe                        Guidance

Nadine Hackney                  Community School Coordinator                E-Mail:

Aaron Russell                      Technician

Beth MacInnis                       Psychologist                                           E-Mail:

Amy Foster                          Schools Plus                                          

Bonnie Lenihan                     Teacher Assistant                                  

Kathy Hamlin                      Teacher Assistant                                   

Sheila Ernst                         Teacher Assistant                                  

Selina Tanner                          Teacher Assistant

Valerie Lenihan                       Admin Assistant                                      

Margaret Hiltz                          Cafeteria Manager

Betty Leopold                           Bus Driver

Melissa Cook                           Bus Driver

 Joette Naugler                        Bus Driver

Wendy Moore                           Custodian

 Tina Lenihan                            Custodian

 David O'Quinn                          Principal                                                  E-Mail: