Thanks students and staff for a great Kindness day! Thank you to everyone who graciously sent in Tole Paints to help with our wood slice paintings.

Donation of Tole Paints

 Students will design logos, scenes, symbols or emblems pertinent to  Kindness.   Cross sections of local hardwood trees have been cut for students to paint their designs upon.  These cross sections will then be used to construct a walkway on our school property.   If you could donate some tole paints to help us out we would greatly appreciate it. 

Pre Primary Program Registration

The South Shore Regional Centre for Education will be hosting a Pre Primary Registration week at our new sites that will be opening in Sept 2018. Our Pre Primary Lead Facilitator will be on site at the locations throughout the week of April 23-27th to answer questions and assist in the registration process.
Gillian Kiely will be available Monday, April 23rd 12:30-3:00  at NRCS

NRCS is pleased to be one of nine SSRSB schools to be introducing the provincial Pre Primary Program in
September 2018. This marks the second phase of roll outs across the province.

The Pre Primary Program is a play-based program for four-year-old children taught by trained Early Childhood Educators (ECEs).  ECEs will use the N.S. Early Learning Curriculum Framework and Educators Guide to deliver the program.  This is a developmentally appropriate and approved curriculum model used in an early learning environment.

Children will be engaging in exciting and stimulating learning environments that are child-centered and led by their interests. Educators will create inviting indoor and outdoor environments and materials that encourage curiosity, discovery and wonder.  The Program’s philosophy is committed to inclusive practices that promote family, diversity and community involvement. The learning environments in Pre Primary practice caring and responsive approaches for empowering children in developing their abilities and skills through developmentally appropriate activities and expectations.

Eligible children for this program must be living in the school’s catchment area and be four years old by Dec. 31, 2018. This is a voluntary program. To register your child, please use the school registration form. You will need proof of address as well as your child’s birth certificate.

Pre Primary is the ABC’s of development it’s…A-About     B-Being     C-Children

Each day is spent fostering social, emotional, intellectual and physical skills for life.


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