Welcome Back Students!

Hello NRCS Families,

NRCS staff is excited to welcome back our students after such a long time. We would like to ensure you that we have a detailed plan around Covid-19 procedures to support the return of all students and staff.

We have  PDF link below of our plan so that you can read and prepare your child on what to expect upon their return. We have also included in this email, some highlights families should be aware of as well. Please refer to the detailed plan or contact the school if you have further questions.

See you Tuesday, September 8th!

  • All requests from the region are aligned with Public Health directives
  • Masks must be put on before getting on the school bus and must be worn to travel on school buses – all grade levels
  • Cafeteria services will be limited and meals will be delivered to the classrooms
  • Microwaves will not be available for students
  • Parents who choose not to send their kids to school are asked to contact and register with NS Home School Programming
  • Students should only bring essentials to school that can go home at the end of the day
  • NRCS will not be charging a $35 fee for P-4 and there will be no school or sport's fee for 5-8
  • There is limited access to buildings to ensure the safety of students. Parents will drop off and pickup their children up outside of the main doors. 
  • Covid-19 checklists for symptoms (page 2) are to be completed daily before students leave for school.
  • Regional sharing of Covid-19 checklists (via avenues other than Swift Alert as schools will already be using this)
  • It’s important for families to have a plan for pick up - emergency contact should a student become ill during the school day
  • Students that become ill during the day will not be transported home on the bus
  • Be aware of your school drop off and pick up procedures which may look different this year in compliance with Public Health directives
  • No bus notes – except for child care, custodial arrangements and jobs
  • Sections of Attendance Policy have been suspended for this school year
  • Guidelines may change throughout the year as Public Health directives change – please keep an eye on our school and regional website ssrce.ca

Masks in Schools


All students will be required to wear a mask before they catch a bus or enter the school on September 8. We will be providing 2 non-medical masks to each student on the first day of school. These will be distributed by homeroom teachers. If you don’t have a mask that your child can use on the first day of school, please contact the school at 902-689-6100 to arrange pick up. Masks will be picked up at the entrance of our bus loop.


Student Supplies

Soon students will be back in school. We will send home further details to suppliment the "Back to School Plan" when details are fully finalized. In the meantime, P-4 school supplies are picked up by homeroom teachers and students are charged a small fee to help cover the cost. For the grade 5/6 and 7/8 classes, supply lists should of been sent home. These lists can also be accessed through the following links below.

Pre Primary students will require a Book Bag, Lunch Kit, Water Bottle,  Indoor footwear and a change of clothing. Please remember to label all your child's belongings. 

P - 8 students should have the following items as well: Book bag, lunch kit, sneakers and a water bottle.


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